Psalms, Paul and the Snake

Why do things get “dull” in my walk? What about the circumstances change that I find myself not as close as I would like to be and thus see His power diminished in my life? … More Psalms, Paul and the Snake


Rummaging for Hope

I laid in bed thinking that these last few days could be the last comforting days of ignorance…. The not knowing of who is going to be elected and all the fears that knowledge brings. Soon all the guessing will be over, no more anticipation, no more losing friends over elections. Americans will know in … More Rummaging for Hope

Open Letter

Dear Fellow American,  I started out wanting to write an open letter to Donald Trump until I realized I don’t have anything to say to him, but instead have something to say to my fellow Americans because in reality, we collectively have more power than only one man has.  But, that’s only if we choose … More Open Letter

A Response to Pastor Piper, Christianity and Socialism

There’s an article going around Facebook called, “How Should Christians think about Socialism?” The author admits he isn’t an expert in economics or political science , neither am I, but the author, John Piper is a pastor and I would like to give a little help to this author’s stance by offering some biblical evidence … More A Response to Pastor Piper, Christianity and Socialism