Open or Shut?

It’s a cruel world. Judgment, hate, fear hitting us in the guts of our deepest insecurities. Social movements are trying to stop it, but hate is still there. It’s where disagreement meets harsh criticism and wounds incurred.

It seems like there is a monster over taking much of the world, one that does it in the name of social justice but in the end still winds up hurting far too many.

How do you stop it? What do you do when you keep getting hurt and don’t seem to have the strength to get back up? You live with the orders and keep marching forward.

Who cares if no one is listening. What does it matter if people don’t care? You got it out there. Off of your chest. Off your heart, so it can beat a little freer today.

In the end, I’m sure someone will. Maybe I am not for the masses, but I am for one. I know that for sure.


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