Oh what a world, what a world we live in today. Everything is connected yet nothing is really bonded. We can access so much online through our phones, but our hearts seem to be the hardest things to get to.

There are multimillion dollar businesses built upon HTML and Javascript, but as a society, we can’t really speak the language of love very well to strangers through these programming languages.

But I notice that people are waking up to this, not wanting so much internet time, people turning off their devices and living life.I love this.

This makes my heart explode with excitement.

We are getting it, it seems–people are human beings, not just based on what operating system interface we use. People are putting their mobile devices down to interact with others. Fighting against the system with every push of the “off” button every time we are with other people.

I have struggled very much with the whole, “faith in humanity” phrase, because my faith in humanity is based upon us all being imperfect and all of us failing at one point or another.

And that’s OK … when its unintentional.

We all make mistakes, miss the mark, are unwittingly selfish without intending to be, misunderstood when the purest of intentions were calculated, yet failed.

But there is hope. Hope in the fact that God is sending people all over the world with the same message of awareness and anticipation for His moving and shaking of our hearts and lives.

Our God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He gives us chances to repent and turn back over and over. He will send Jonah’s and Jeremiah’s and Ezekiel’s and Isaiah’s, raise up judges and advisers to the rulers and leaders of the world. He has not forgotten His Creation nor has He forgotten His love for us.

The first time God spoke through me (knowingly) was when my husband and I were praying one day. He was praying for a heart change, a job change and just a change in our basically terrible, dead-end circumstances. As my husnand started to pray, he uttered with the utmost care, “Lord, I know I have to be careful what I pray but soften my stiff neck.” Before he could finish his sentence, God took over and said, “It doesn’t have to hurt … The blows only have to be as stiff as your neck is.”

WOW! Talk about freedom of choice!

You mean, we can choose to soften our necks, stop being so stubborn and choose to submit everything if we make Him our Strong Tower and dwelling place?

That changed us … both of us.

We decided that submitting to Him was much more fruitful and much less painful than Him using tough blows to get our attention.

Now, we pay attention to the little things … like a German shepherd that is well-trained, obeying a gentle leash tug without needing a choke collar.

Instead of it taking huge, divinely orchestrated circumstances in life to get our attention, we can respond to his gentle nudgings on our leash, so to speak. I don’t know about you, but this world is big and bad and I want to be held close to my God, my handler. He can see things I can’t. He can maneuver me in intricate traffic patterns that I couldn’t navigate through so well. I like being close to Him. It’s my lifeline. It’s what keeps me safe.

So, in today’s TMI age, I realize that all the information that I have access to isn’t always the information I need. What I need is more of Him and His Word. A few days ago, I decided that while I carry my Smartphone around with all of its wonderful capabilities, there are only a few apps on there that really matter–my contacts, my phone and my Bible.

And that to me, is the smartest use for any Smartphone!


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