lightening(“lightening”by George Dmitriv, oil on canvas, purchase here)

Lies, injustice, betrayal

Worlds collided through illegal turns.

the wrong flee while the innocent left to burn.

Rage, remorse, shock.

All these robots inhabit this earthly rock.

No empathy, dumbfounded when their tracks get kinked,

when the switch is flipped and a different course is run.

Stupefied, when the anesthesia is lifted

with a jolt of reality flipping on their humanly senses

Confusion, unqualified citizens, making up a majority of society run by charlatan dictators.

Freedom, justice… all a mirage

while parched for the drink of camaraderie, not sabotage.

Wake up people, to the world around you,

then maybe it won’t be so daunting to the few carrying its frightful haunting.

Once the virtual is disconnected,

live, feel, be free from the world wide web of deceptive chivalry,

Showing love through caring eyes and listening ears,

no judgment, just a friend to take in your tears.


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