Job and the Erudition of the Almighty

Here we are at the brink of possible bankruptcy. House might go into short sale or maybe even foreclosure, lost our only car which we both thought was FULLY insured and I am reading the book of Job.

I don’t know how he did it. I mean to remain so loyal to God as soon as he lost everything, except his wife.

Yet, we are in a similar boat. Thank God, I mean THANK GOD my kids are OKAY. I mean, really I am so beyond beholden for this miracle and the fact that my head didn’t go through the windshield, that words just aren’t enough.

But truly, if a financial miracle doesn’t come through or an insurance breakthrough….we might be fiscal gonners.

I know we’re young, but it’s a tough economy to bounce back in for anyone today. But God is still God and He let Job feel and process his grief after the first two chapters of him staying true and faithful to God.

After a bit, Job starts questioning everything. Like I am and did just a couple days ago.


Job says in chapter 3, verse 26 after questioning and cursing just about anything he can think of, including the day he was born he says, “I am not at ease, nor am I at rest; nor am I quiet; yet turmoil comes.”

I mean he just gets done equating the very exposure to light from the womb as the beginning of distress. And Job probably wasn’t too far off either!

But then, I love how after that, the first friend chimes in saying, “Shall one try a word with you, you who are weary?”

Like, yup… this is going to be a long hashing-out of trying to make sense of what just happened, but these boys are gonna have a go at it anyhow.

And then chapters and chapters follow of seemingly endless back and forth, tossing around hypothesis for answers to why what happened in this man’s life happened.

It’s such a powerful book on the human condition. Friends trying to be friends and failing. People trying to relate, but missing the others heart and God’s heart in the end.

I love the poetry in Job 6:4, “The arrows of the Almighty are within me; their fury is drinking my spirit; the terrors of God are set against me.”

And this is how I feel.

But all this calamity didn’t fall upon Job because he was sinning. God found Job to be the most unique and righteous man on the planet and let Job prove it. As things start heating up after 35 chapters of relentless reasoning and venting, the Lord of Hosts chimes in with, “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Now, [get ready] for I will question you; and you will teach Me?”

Yes, that would a be a pop quiz from the Master Himself.

Oh, God’s sarcasm is divine here! “You will teach me!” I love it!

The God of the universe goes on to ask these mortals about how they handled the engineering, planning and execution of creation. He asks these earthlings about their knowledge of the storehouse of snow and hail. He inquires of these creatures their understanding of the origins of light and darkness and challenges their ability to loosen the chords of Orion.

I mean, this is priceless stuff!

Talk about stomping out some inexperienced arrogance with some serious knowledge and erudition!

And then He lays it on Job. The heart of it all.

“Will you condemn Me so that you may be justified?” (Job 40:9)

There it is; pride, ego, self-reliance, selfishness, loyalty…. it’s all out there. The heart. Where is Job’s heart? He repents. Just sincerely repents for being…. well…. him.

Maybe that’s what I need to do. Just repent while I wait. Repent for all the dark places in my heart, Lord knows I have them. And I guess in the end, God just wants us to acknowledge that His” purposes cannot be restrained,” His depths are too wonderful and that in the end of trying to achieve self-reliance financially on this earth maybe we have forgotten the simplest of truths: He gives us our daily bread.

Not our weekly wages.

Not our yearly salaries.

Just our daily bread.

And on Friday’s … a double portion for Shabbat. =)

UPDATE: GOD DID COME THROUGH! The insurance company gave us collision on our car and we got our car fixed like new, house is under contract and God is faithful! More to come as it unfolds! Will keep you posted!


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