What if You Were Going to Die in Three Days?

sam_elliot_tombstone_watercolor_painting____by_ssava-d76a8stSam Elliot Tombstone- watercolor, Painting by ssava

It may not happen, but nothing is more certain on this planet than death and taxes.

The way things are going in the world today, I see every day now as a day of surviving, thankful I am still alive.

I think.

But I’m scared.

I’m not as scared of what comes after death as much as I am of the process of it being accomplished.

How badly will it hurt? How long will it take? How much psychological torture will there be in the process?

Most of the same questions I had about giving birth sans an epidural: Both inevitable endings to a process with tremendous pain, for at least a short while I would imagine, and hopefully with a beautiful outcome in the end.

But if it were to happen in three days, I guess many of today’s problems are minuscule.

How about you? Do you think about death and how you will die?

Photo Credit: http://ssava.deviantart.com/art/Sam-Elliot-Tombstone-Watercolor-Painting-433818893


One thought on “What if You Were Going to Die in Three Days?

  1. It is scary to think about dying, especially how painful it will be.( especially with the beheading of Christians today!I try to tell myself that it would be excruciating pain for a few minutes (which would seem like an eternity)…but eternal joy and peace afterward! I try to tell myself that many others have suffered much more! But the hardest thing is thinking of your kids and grandkids being tortured.Not something I like to think about!Just pray that if it comes to that,we can stand true to God!

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