National Fried Chicken Day

So, it’s national fried chicken day, says the internet.

I made chicken, Portuguese style of course!

I made frango piri-piri (and it’s fried in my book because along with all its wonderful spices, it’s coated in olive oil! Thus, making it fried!)

OK, so it may be a loose term of frying but I promise this chicken is so good . .  it will fit in any day of the year… even national fried chicken day!

If you promise not to give me a hard time about the frying definition, I promise to share the recipe with you!

Frango Piripiri

1 whole chicken sliced in half with a gnarly knife

2 tbsp. chili powder

1 tbsp cumin

5 tbsp. piri piri (if you don’t have any, you can use any hot sauce. Frankly, we like Frank’s Red Hot! See what I did there haha)

5 tbsp olive oil

2 tsp paprika

1/2-1 cup chopped cilantro

optional: couple tbsp of whiskey

salt and a few dashes of pepper

Coat chicken and let it sit in this delicious brew of tasteful delight for about twenty minutes to let the meat absorb some of the flavors. Then take it to the grill

cook on low heat for about 30 minutes,

and then

chicken piripiri


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