Defending the Competitor… in Politics? Who Does That?


See! I am telling you! There is something quite special about this man. Defending a competitor? That takes so much character. We need a man with character and humility in the White House. The mess we are in is so big, and not just this country but the entire world that we, as humanity, need the power of God to fix it.

God works through the proper channels… always has (that is why He has always sent prophets to leaders)… and YHVH has always honored humility!

And Dr. Carson has proved humility on several occasions. He is more concerned about the state of this country than anything else… that, my friends is the spirit of camaraderie. People willing to work TOGETHER for the common goal, common good, setting personal ego aside and doing the right thing.

We must pray that the Lord find us worthy to have a humble leader and he, my fellow Americans, is the most humble contender our there.

So many believers believe that Jesus is coming back and His wrath and judgement will be upon us soon.

I see it differently.

God has never longed to bring judgment. He has never desired to bring destruction. He has always wanted dependence on Him. Understanding of how He operates, for humans to stop making their own way through life and to trust in Him.

Obedience rather than sacrifice… remember that?

God wants humility, us to be humble before Him, realizing that we have made a mess of things, in order for that process of humility and repentance to complete the work in our hearts that is needed for us to become who we need to become for His Kingdom and His purposes. If you truly believe that God has a plan for your life, remember that God only wants repentance and humility and obedience.

He isn’t a blood-thirsty god, seeking revenge and wanting to punish us every time we mess up. He is more concerned about accomplishing the finished product, so He will use whatever means necessary to get our hearts where they need to be.

But first, we have to humble ourselves.

…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicle 7:14

Did you see that? He will HEAL our land?

This is a big deal with all the droughts, division, strife and social tension.

Let’s pray, seek His face, ask Him for discernment so that we can move these mountains.

I could apologize for my passion on this matter, but I won’t.

I love this country. I love my God. I love my fellow Americans. And I certainly believe in God’s heart and intentions for His people and this nation. He is showing us just how bad this nation and the world can be if we try to shove God out any more than we already have.

Please, let’s not do this anymore.

It’s like the more we try to shove God out of politics, the more we need Him, or at least a force as colossal as a god. And we are at that time of needing a god, except which god will we choose?

So, who actually defends a competitor, especially in politics? Someone with incredible values and character. Let’s show our God we want those things, that we still value these characteristics. Let’s understand who our God really is and what is in His heart so that we can live peaceably again and experience blessing once more, for the sake of the next generation


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