Prepare Your Kids for Martyrdom, it Could be Coming Down to that


We are up against perilous odds. Christians beheaded, sex trafficking, everything being redefined from flags to constitutional rights, all happening while we sit here on our computers, feeling helpless and perplexed as to what is going on.

This is bad.

But, have we ever thought about applying the concept of military brotherhood to our fellow man in the body of believers? I didn’t write the story below and unfortunately I don’t know who did, but this reveals the heart of a soldier, the bloody, dirty mess they go through as a commitment for a common goal.

Except our common goal isn’t for a government that seems to be doing nothing about the atrocities going on in the world. So what now? What next? I would say it’s about time to call on a force as colossal as the God that we desperately need right now.

If you are a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob then we need to understand the Heart of our Commanding Officer.

How we can move the Heart of our Father, our Commander in Chief since the ones in office don’t seem to be doing much?

Through prayer and trust.

Yeah, those sound trite and worn out, but let me put it you like this, If we don’t fast and pray with full assurance of faith, nothing will change for them or for us.

I know you have heard it said that we can move mountains, but I promise you this: This may not be Mt. Everest we are trying to throw in an ocean, but we are sure close to being up against odds like the Israelites were, at the edge of the sea during the Exodus.

Too many Americans and Christians feel helpless. . .  but we aren’t.

I dare say to forget everything we think we know about God’s heart and let Him rewrite His identity on our hearts. Because obviously something is not working if this much evil is winning.

Because there are forces larger than the White House at work and we have access to them if we knew our God.

The problem is that our hearts are the biggest mountain on this planet to move.

It’s stuck in the stagnation of self-reliance and personal power, when in reality, we need the strength of numbers to move forward to spark a fire big enough to make a dent in the battles we are facing.

It’s not all up to our pastors or leaders….


…it’s up to us.

Somehow we have been made to believe that we are just useless, helpless bystanders and that our lives and choices won’t effect the world at large. We have limited our view of power to the amount of twitter followers or position at work, when in reality, power comes in discipline in the present.

And this is for whom I write: the prisoners, the caged... we must and can set the captives free. The power we have through our Father is unimaginable.


Marlin said, “I was horrified at their response of the White House when those Coptic Christians were murdered on the beach in Libya, specifically because they were Christians, and our president referred to them as ‘migrant workers from Egypt.’

It’s clear our leader has a grand distaste for Western Christianity and is making Christians suffer in the East because of it.

But how long until the lurking monster awakens in our nation?

Surely, we can’t think that we won’t be next.

Friends, we have larger problems at hand than SCOTUS.

We have a leader allowing heinous crimes against humanity, all while speaking “love” through the LGBT community. The juxtaposition and irony are rich in that last sentence

When will it end?

We need a force stronger than the Leader of the Free World at this time.

We need a wave started with more force than the tsunamis in the East.

We need a god.

We need a warrior.

We need Yahweh Elohim.

Let’s stop castrating God through our ideas of who He is and start getting to know Him as the warrior that He is for His people.

Those stories in the Bible weren’t just Sunday School tales, they were real life. They lived in bondage and fear the way so many of our brothers and sisters are today.

The battle may be bloody, it may be costly but we can no longer sit by as innocent bystanders. If a small number of people can get together to overturn Constitutional rights, then surely us believers can band together for the sake of rescuing the abused and tortured captives.

I Corinthians 9:11

 If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you?

This isn’t about collecting money in an offering plate because money won’t change a thing at this point. This is about ripping through the chains of captivity. This is about tearing open the flood gates of heaven for freedom on earth.

I’m not asking for donations.

I’m begging that you fast and pray for these prisoners. Seek out the Heart of our God.

If the God of the Old Testaments seems big and scary to believers, then think about what our God can do to our enemies, if we are brave enough to make any.

Nahum 1:2:

The Lord is a jealous and avenging God; the Lord is avenging and wrathful; the Lord takes vengeance on his adversaries and keeps wrath for his enemies.

So, if we don’t “give a cup of cold water” to the least of these who so desperately need more than just a mere drink, then what kind of believers are we? We have the key to unlock their cages through the miracle of camaraderie.

But, this is what we get to look forward to. We enjoy freedom because of our soldier’s sacrifice, their lifestyle like this:


My Brother
He wakes up feeling like (bleep). Eyes half rotten from sleep scum and field wind. All the meat on his bones is eating itself and his sweat smells like ammonia. His feet hurt; he walks bent over until his back unlocks.
They say he doesn’t have a heart. The truth is, his heart is huge. He just can’t afford to show it.
He’d kill for a drink. He settles for a Gatorade packet, a rip-it and a bottle of water. He walks around and doesn’t say much. I mean, who the hell is he going to talk to? The “family” at home speak a different language and his boys here have to fear him.
He shakes it loose and wakes his men up. Gives his report to his platoon sergeant. Lights a smoke, coughs up a lung and puts in a dip.
Then he gets ready.
PCC’s and PCI’s. Check this, check that. “8 Steps” and OPORD’s and FRAGO’s.
His stomach starts to turn and his legs start to buck. He’s lost too much weight and there’s no end in sight.
He closes his eyes and his lips move silently, “Please God, if you’re really (bleeping) up there, hear me: don’t let me loose [sic] any of them today. Please.”
Then he takes a deep breath and hollars, “Let’s Go!”
It’s time to roll.
He made a promise he knows he may not keep. Nine lives he brought in. He promised them all he’d bring them home.
Patrol after patrol after patrol. He doesn’t mind the walking. He minds the trucks. Bullet magnets.
(Bleeping )IED’s and silent streets that were busy yesterday. That’s what makes his nuts clench up and forces him to keep his voice steady.
When (bleep) gets hot, rounds go out and rounds come back. He lives thirty seconds at a time when that happens and thirty seconds is an eternity. He keeps calm and lets his emotions out one round at a time. It’s not Hollywood.
It’s fight, move, communicate, lay down cover, “DOC!, get the (bleep) up here!”, the rest of you, cover right, Bravo Team follow me, one man, kick that door!”
Adrenaline spike after spike. “Sing out you (bleep)! One up! Two up! Three up! Bravo Up!”
He mouths a silent prayer and says “thank you” and clears the OBJ.
When he rolls back in, it’s “clear the weapons, white-light the chambers, sensitive-item check, clean the weapons and maybe, get chow and a hot shower. NCO’s eat last, shower last.
In a few hours he’ll be at it again.
That’s the life of my Brother.
Id [sic] give anything for him. A piece of my soul, a limb, an eye, an organ, anything.
All I can give is my gratitude. And my bunk should he need it.
My Brother is a Grunt. And I’m damn proud of him. I don’t think I will ever love another man as great as I love my Brother.
Nor will I ever be as afraid of losing him.
But, that’s the life of a Grunt.
Bastards are always running towards the sound of the guns.
That’s what makes them Grunts.
What kind of Brother do you have?

But we do it for this:


Surely, we aren’t so naive to think that these triggers weren’t pulled?

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35)


3 thoughts on “Prepare Your Kids for Martyrdom, it Could be Coming Down to that

  1. Applause! This moves me. Divine Intervention can move a mountain. Love among God’s people can change this world, but evil hearts and dark forces are rampant everywhere. Dispel the darkness through Divine LIGHT and LOVE. This can transform it all….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also wanted to say that it literally makes my heart jump for joy that someone else “gets it”! my heart truly hurts for the oppressed and the prisoners, truly walking out the Road of Calvary here on earth. To share in His suffering is the greatest glory and honor of all.


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