helping, caring, loving

what do these get you?

a bite in the back, teeth sunk into your heart.

truly wanting what is best for someone else, yet receiving nothing in return.

the love of Christ takes on a whole new meaning.

they pity you when you are down, but if you rise too much they push you back down again.

what is that? is that real love? trusted friendship?

control, hurt, manipulation

can you trust them out of the foxhole, much less inside?

Loyalty . . Leadership. . .

is it all lies?

i will not let myself believe it.

i have to believe there is more. that there is love. that true caring does exist.

if I don’t, then love doesn’t win.

it loses.

and that would be the greatest travesty of all.



2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. I really appreciate what you post. The heartfelt words and ideas really touch me. I want to say thanks for doing this blog. This is a place that I can come to for motivation, ideas, thoughts, enjoyment, and a variety of other things. Keep up the good work!


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