For the Sake of

every rude look

by each judgmental stare

will draw me closer to wishing

that your face was never there

take me from this place

thrust open opportunity that makes us take flight

into spaces and places that are less jammed and crammed

to openness, to freedom

whisk me away to no man’s land

society, what’s it for?

to judge, police, condemn or maybe just scorn?

you commit murder by your eyes, you slay with you oppression

the breathing: longing for freedom from your snobbish aggression

the anger you breed is dangerous

it creates social movements, political lies

so if you want to spread some love,

stop thinking you were always better

and remember the day when you just needed someone


to care

to understand

to let your imperfections be

left alone, maybe ignored

for the sake of being human,

and not a motherboard.

By Olivia Reid


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