If You’re Voting Next November: Read this

For all Christians considering to vote next November consider this.

Some of these GOP contenders tap into some of the GOP’s strongest core values. They understand red-blooded Americans and the unquestionable need for rights. They say some good things. Heck, they boldly shout some blatant truths, unapologetically that we desperately need to hear right now because we have been silenced through the political correct imposition. Let’s face it, hearing these truths soothe our weary souls, making us feel like, “Yes! Someone finally gets it and is bold enough to say it!”

But these contenders are very much like Obama.

They say the right things to get people “fired up.”

There are a couple in particular (Trump and Cruz) that stir-up emotions and walk heavily with a big sticks. They give good speeches that will make any right-wing-ist want to roar after feeling caged for the past 8 years.

But here’s the problem: They say all of this with a heart of arrogance.

These people have no problem putting others down the way Obama doesn’t. They can get our ire up the same way Obama can get African American’s dander up against everyone else.

And this type of leadership is dangerous folks. This is exactly what got us into this huge mess. We now wake up every morning with a pit in our stomach, not knowing who will be there to defend us. If our own military, the front line, are disarmed as we have just seen, who will fight for us? Who can go before us? How did we even get this far?

We got here by our President’s personal agendas and undealt with anger caused by oppression. Just as Obama attended Islamic schools in Indonesia as a child and clearly sympathizes with the “plight” of the Muslims while turning a blind eye to the actual plights going on under his nose in America, arrogance will cause anyone to sacrifice the wrong one in order appease a crowd.

Familiar scene: Think back to Jesus’ execution and the crowds chanting, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” while allowing a convicted murderer to go free and the innocent left to hang.

Same scenario just skip ahead 2,000 years.

Obama grew up with a lot of anger. We have read his books. We know his heart now. And he pushed his agenda out of that referent to accomplish the Orwellian-America that is being unfolded before our very eyes.

Except this isn’t a novel. This is real life.

And conservative America has been oppressed for quite a while now and many of these republican contenders are operating out of that oppression with the same amount of vigor and anger that Obama operated out of his oppression.

And Oppression will breed arrogance if left undealt with.

Have you ever worked for an arrogant boss? They don’t listen. They think they know everything. They are a nightmare and we are living out that nightmare everyday now in Obama’s America.

The United States in on the brink of collapse, and may no longer exist as we know it, if there isn’t a rescue soon.

We are at the edge of disaster and there are too many moving parts in play around the globe to predict where this game of Russian Roulette will land.

But I do know this, that the whole world is up in arms and no single politician is going to save it. We need a god or a force as colossal as a god to come to our defense.

We need the King of the Universe.

Think about this when you go to the polls; “God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble” and “pride comes before the fall.”

So, whomever it is you are voting for, vying for, bringing up in casual conversation… let me ask you this: Is that candidate humble? Will God resist that potential leader because of his pride? Will God be able to work with him rather than against him because of that leader’s haughtiness?

Sure, Trump is successful, but is he worthy of the humble task of leadership?  And yes Cruz is good ol’ “Don’t Mess with Texas” blood, but is that really what this country needs right now?

The way I see it, voting for one of these contenders will be placing our trust and dependence on a human, their strength and political savvy to get us out of these circumstances. But the truth is, no human can do that at this point. We are in too deep. Nuclear bombs, ISIS, global economic crisis, rights being removed from conservatives and being handing over on a silver platter to any homosexual or Pro-choice advocate… it’s all there.

And we need God. The King of the Universe. Yeshua/Jesus/YHVH/ Jehova


And we will only get HIM/Jesus through a humble leader. Again, God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble and we NEED His grace now more than anything else.

Because then God can do this:

But there they are, overwhelmed with dread, for God is present in the company of the righteous.
 Ps. 14:5

That is the power of a leader that carries God’s presence with him because of his humility.

That is the power we need.

We are not wrestling with flesh and blood, but with cosmic forces creating a tsunami effect on the entire world, changing hearts and minds toward hatred and murder.

But this is what humility does: it creates “dread” to that leader’s enemies because God is with him. Then we are letting God save us and not a mere human.

And His salvation is always a better plan than ours!

Sherwin-William Jewish Art Museum, Sculpture of Moses with Tablet
Sherwin-Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Sculpture of Moses with Tablet

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