Deal Done.

I could bolt out of my skin

because of the dread in my heart, fight the battle within

each day that passes, every click of the mouse

driving the dagger of certainty deeper within my thoughts

Stories of Middle East encroaching heavy on our brow

my soul feels faint, uneasy. Where is my God now?

the powers beyond our ornamented drywall

transcending these three dimensions,

are conjuring up the apocalyptic, physical hell,

of seven headed beasts, lying women, an angry dragon.

Becoming realities through politicians and legislation

a couple of tall, thin Dagens.

Hungry for power, using manipulation,

these kings, false leaders

know nothing of Truth

when they so easily sacrifice the innocent,

the futures of our youth.

Their anger from past sins of old America

they don’t forgive.

Their job is almost done

it’s our freedom they do give

as penitence for suffering

past deeds shadow and have won.

Their sense of justice will play the gods now

Issuing judgment, passing laws

to annihilate the ones that they deem must now fall.

But is this justice or is it hate?

To take into your hands our destinies and fates.

Who are you to do this?

What leader do you think you are?

To steal our sons and daughter’s

of their duties and their call.

Where are You God of Jacob?

Come quickly Exodus of Moses!

Remember Your remnant in compassion

while we are driven out of houses

So on us please, bestow a heart of courage

war taken into our hands, against evil we must stand.

But what is evil do you ask?

butchering young bodies

pawns in a money game

pushing for Lamborghini gain.

Beware of boiling anger

for this the knife will slice in deeper pain.

Respect, honor, humility:

vehicles to usher in deliverance and tranquility

to overcome the vigilante lies

of social justice advocates

issuing their hateful sentences on us all.

For soon on them this bullet of Russian roulette will fall

Because the gavel is being dropped

With a resounding “injustice for all.”


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