Is There Anybody Out There?

Did you watch it this week?

The 45 second pause on the UN floor that was so blatantly shrugged off?  The world has turned their back on a country the size of New Jersey who is surrounded by hateful enemies. They pleaded for their very existence to a seemingly empty house on the last day of the UN talks.

The atmosphere was chilling, almost like running into a mystical brick wall that most would shrug off as purely a perception problem.

But it wasn’t.

That blockade was there.

It was real. And PM Netanyahu was trying to scale it on his own while Obama called a strategically timed meeting with Kerry, leaving a very clear message slap in the face on our only trusted American ally in the Middle East.

This is chilling. As cold as the marble podium global leaders were all over this week.

Israel is being ignored by the world at large and its deafening silence isn’t even deafening any longer. Its shrouded with civil bickering and internal fears of mass destruction via any which way your imagination can take you at this point. There are so many plausible outcomes, nothing is impossible now.

And everyone knows it

Or do they?

I just can’t imagine being a leader of a nation, begging a world for your very existence, while gazing over a vastly empty audience, many that wouldn’t even bother looking up from their smartphones to hear you.

PM Netanyahu address to the UN to those who would bother to look up. October 1, 2015
PM Netanyahu address to the UN. October 1, 2015

This is the UN and people there, young people, on their smartphones, not listening to Israel’s leader as he is literally talking to ramparts of mass deceit.

But the house was full when Iran took to the spotlight on Monday

Obama addresses UN September 28, 2015
Iran addresses UN September 28, 2015

Oh God, You are on the spotlight now. We need you. We need to watch You rise Israel up as the world criticizes them for being Goliath when they are actually David.

And us. We need to see it. We are all Davids in this gargantuan scenario of power struggles for world domination and personal rights. We are all afraid and only have rocks at this point. We have no idea what is coming next, but we feel it. It’s all over current art forms of all sorts. But all we have is our faith, no matter how big or small.

So in my faith, which is small enough to move a mountain, I want to see how You deliver the nation of Israel. I want to see your Mighty Hand and Outstretched Arm make a highway for her, all of her, both scattered abroad and at home. I want to hear of Your miraculous stories of redemption from near destruction and bringing favor to those who need it most.

I want to watch You make Jerusalem a praise again instead of the burden she is falsely portrayed as, even if it’s only on the other side of existence.

Because I want to remain with You, forever.

Isaiah 31:4-5:

For thus says the Lord to me,

“As the lion or the young lion growls over his prey,
Against which a band of shepherds is called out,
And he will not be terrified at their voice nor disturbed at their noise,
So will the Lord of hosts come down to wage war on Mount Zion and on its hill.”
 Like flying birds so the Lord of hosts will protect Jerusalem.
He will protect and deliver it;
He will pass over and rescue it.

So, if you feel like you are coming in last, that all your efforts are for nothing and you just seem to be on the losing side of things, we share in Netanyahu’s burden and sorrow. I can’t imagine being a leader of a country that is hardly being recognized any longer. Being a leader and being ignored for it. For all of our efforts, achievements and sowing, where is the fruit?

It truly seems like, as my friend just stated earlier, “a midnight of the soul.”

It’s hopeless. There is no stopping what is going to happen. Not even God will stop Himself at this point.

Isaiah 31:2

Yet He also is wise and will bring disaster And does not retract His words…

The only hope is in Luke 21.

Yeshua goes through the signs of the times. He talks about people falling by the sword and Jerusalem being surrounded by armies. We are seeing this through mass beheadings and Netanyahu’s plea for existence falling on deaf ears. Jerusalem may even be forced to revert back to pre-1967 borders which will make her indefensible and we just finished watching a tetrad of blood moons fall on feasts days.

We know something big is happening.The signs are there. “The powers in heaven are being shaken”, as Yeshua put it and we will soon see Him riding on the clouds!

Yet we watch! We pray! We don’t let our hearts get weighed down by the cares of this world. We pray fervently that we are found worthy to escape these things which will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36).

Is it any coincidence that God is making us look only to Him at this time? Is it a strange thing that our efforts are failing when He wants utter dependence on Him at this point so that HE can be our salvation?

That is the whole point of this life, isn’t it? Trusting in the one who will deliver us, even from the second death? (Rev 20:14)

Israel, I share a burden with you: a sense of eviction and deep rejection. I weep with you truly, without a home to call my own.

Our only salvation will come from us hiding under the blood of the Passover Lamb praying that we are found worthy to escape these things and able to stand before the Son of Man.


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