The Calm Before Conflict


What have we become as a nation? As a world? I don’t know what else to do but write a blog that probably won’t change anything. But I must do something to alleviate  the deep sadness I carry in my soul for this country and for the strife the media is causing.

How can human beings think that what is going on today is alright? I’m not talking about your average person, but the select elite, the ones who have cross-ownership of the media giants, like FOX, CNN and MSNBC?

Their reporting already has so much blood on their story-pitches its unimaginable. These stories, being intentionally divisive, that as we are approaching WWIII, are these owners and leading journalists main concern some establishment agenda or narrative?

Aren’t they interested in the truth? Or even peace? Or maybe staying away from wars that don’t matter and keeping focused on the subtle ones that do?

There must be some big bucks involved and serious necks on the line to charge ahead on this path that this nation is on.

I’ve intentionally stayed away from all media for a couple weeks now, including social media and last night I just happened to click on a few news sites to catch some of the latest happenings. It’s like the further away from it I get, the more aghast I become when I return to look. Like my humanity has slowly returned from the hypnosis of addictive knowledge. Their schemes are more blatant than before. I am convinced that the purpose of the media right now is keep you so drained emotionally and mentally that you barely have anything left in order to use critical thinking skills on the content or intentions behind these stories.

These are Jedi mind tricks by media moguls . . . and not from the light side, but from the Sith himself.

Journalism is referred to as the fourth estate and this proverb jumped out at me:

“Under three matters the earth trembles, And under four it is unable to bear…” Proverbs 30:21

Kind of interesting when all four estates of the realm are operating under tyranny, how can a society withstand it?

But there are Jonahs out there and Esthers, Daniels and Moseses. People that have unplugged from the media, weeping before God for this nation and for His people around the globe.

We all know it’s coming, I just wonder if we actually believe it and if we could be doing more to stop it.

Can you imagine a collective whole, each doing their part before God, waking up slumbering souls to the storms that are brewing in our midst, just like Jonah was jolted awake by his shipmates as he fell asleep running away from God?

Or maybe our imaginations are so caught up by the screen that we really don’t know the pains of the tragedies of war; the darkness of night that deep betrayal brings and the looming numbness that remains after an assailment.

Like the packing of Hermitage Hall before the battle of Leningrad, we just keep working, before sun up to past sun down like nothing has changed, where we all trudge through each day, knowing that each passing hour, draws us closer to blood shed and miracles.

Regardless, it’s like a zombie nation, some working their fingers to the bone from relentless demands,  some too irate to think rationally, others too broken in their own personal sufferings to think beyond individual survival or others maybe too aloof, thinking it can’t happen here.

Regardless of the slot that our emotions and circumstances land us, I’m sad.

Not angry, just sad.

 Ecclesiastes 7:3
Sorrow is better than laughter, For when a face is sad a heart may be happy.


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©Olivia Reid, 2015

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2 thoughts on “The Calm Before Conflict

  1. This post really makes sense together with the last one you posted, the one named “Open Letter”.

    I agree with what you said. We may even be approaching WWIII. Vanga, the most prominent bulgarian oracle, had foreseen that a black president will be tha last one. He was Obama, and we will discover shortly if he really will be the last president of the US.

    Keep cool, there is always someone out there who will be interested in reading your humble opinion. For example, I came to know this place thanks to the post named “Batak Massacre: How Rememberance Saved Thousands”. It’s true, in my country, back in the days of WWII, people stood in the railways infront of the trains that were going to deport the jews.

    I was searching for more information on what happened then. It sounds like something horrible that had happened to my people. And except wikipedia, little else was good, since most people had just copy-pasted the information from wikipedia. But your post stood out of the rest, your post was really unique, with your own words and relating the atrocity to what really fits it, like a puzzle.

    Your posts are unique. Please, don’t be deceived in any way, even if some posts don’t get comments, like this one before I cast my comment. I’m saying this partially because the title speaks for itself, the one of the post after the one about thr Batak massacre.

    Even if it looks so, your posts don’t get completely unnoticed, since there’s always someone out there who reads it, who closes his fist and holds hope.

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  2. Thank you for your incredibly encouraging words. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. Maybe soon I will have the time to pick up the computer and write again! Blessings on you and yours!


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