Can You See the Hand?


5 thoughts on “Can You See the Hand?

  1. This might have been the longest, reasoning for voting for Ben Carson, but for sure the most highlighted. If there ever were a reason needed to vote for ONE and ONE only, it was proven here. Ben Carson is the only one in the whole group of wannabes, that GOD has chosen, the only one with capabilities, of total leadership, foresight to see what is ahead, the proper knowledge of how to curb it before it reaches maturity, the only one who will get down on his knees before our Holy GOD, and ask directions before he attempts anything….GOD bless Ben Carson and GOD bless the USA, for being smart enough to see the leadership that GOD, HIMSELF has placed before us. Chuck Barrett, Cabot,AR.

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  2. Olivia, this is the second of your pieces I’ve read. I have unknowingly, previously posted here or there….that the hand of God is upon Dr. Carson. I did not know the significance of “hand”. In my mind, Dr. Carson is in the same category as Moses and any other Biblical character anointed by God to lead His people. I was perplexed and furious, initially, at my pastor for remaining silent….saying nothing. I still ‘do not understand’ but…I no longer harbor resentment against him for not openly supporting Dr. Carson. I’ve just come to the conclusion that God will accomplish His purposes in spite of complacency or otherwise. I was awed by the Hydra piece…..probably for two reasons: that Dr. Carson has identified the comparison (so, so complex) and the eloquence of the writing. I was inspired to seek out the writer of the piece. I have been afraid to share (write) my true feelings regarding Dr. Carson also for two reasons: I thought others would say that I was too “out there” and that the competition could or would label Carson supporters as “crazies”. Now, though, I am inspired to share my “true” feelings….obviously in select forums and select places….but your work has shown me that. Thank you for being you:-)


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