Theo-crazy and a Wall of Absurdity


Looking back at the extreme intolerance manifested in the past by many religious groups, including some Christian groups, and looking today at the extreme intolerance of some radical Islamic groups, it is not hard to understand why our founders were so frightened of religion controlling government. The wall of separation between church and state is important and should be maintained. However, it should not be extended and reinterpreted as the separation of God and state.  -Ben Carson, A More Perfect Union

I love the above paragraph because God is so much bigger than the church! He is so much further outside of the cultural religious boxes that we sometimes put him in! No matter how hard we try to kick God out, He will always be with us and among us, urging us to His ways!

I also love this next paragraph:

It becomes somewhat absurd when the sight of a Bible or a cross causes them so much psychological distress that it impinges upon their freedom. It is important that we learn to be reasonable and tolerant of everyone’s beliefs without going to such extremes that we compromise everyone’s rights.

–Ben Carson, A More Perfect Union

All this talk about Ben not having experience is just plain silly. 

What more could America want? Ben has 67 honorary doctorate degrees, was named one of 89 Living Legends according the Library of Congress, removed half of a brain and separated Siamese twins.   He has written ten books and below is a list of awards he’s received in the last 15 years, including the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership and won another award for being the most like Abraham Lincoln because of his courage, integrity, tolerance, equality and creative expression through superior achievements!


So, why on earth is the media ignoring him when we so desperately need him? He fits the entire bill for everything the GOP could want to remake the reputation of their party:

  • He is black
  • He is accomplished
  • He is has held life and death in his hands (the most profound human experience in my mind)
  • He has a legitimate rags-to-riches story
  • He has compassion
  • He understands poverty
  • He has been disciplined enough to work hard for achievement
  • He isn’t a career politician
  • He doesn’t need this presidency which means he will commit decisions to honesty and integrity, not self-serving ego trips
  • He loves people
  •  Lastly, but most importantly, he has brought the most crucial message that might buy this country a few more years . . . We Americans ARE NOT each others enemy.

But my guess is that his experience isn’t enough because we don’t deserve him . . . or do we?

Why don’t we want these values in our nation again?

Proverbs 18:5,

It is not good to be partial to the wicked
    or to deprive the righteous of justice.


 ©Olivia Reid, 2016

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