Carson Compares ISIS to a ‘Hydra’

Dr. Carson just released his detailed plan to defeat ISIS and needless to say, it’s quite thorough. He compares ISIS (ISIL) to the Greek and Roman mythological hydra, a serpentine water monster “whose blood and breath were so virulent that even its scent is deadly.”*



I would say that is the most apt illustration of this foe to date . Trump’s new TV add talks about ‘beheading ISIS,” however, you can’t just behead something that has multiple layers and expect them today die out. Even in the myth, Hercules needed more help than he would’ve liked to admit. In fact, it took Hercules using the hydra’s own blood to finally annihilate it.

Not a far stretch from reality, is it?

ISIS has metastasized and sending a butcher in to do a surgeons work will prove to be a more deadly fate for the cancer’s host than for the cancer itself.

America helped create this monster and it’s up to us to collaborate with others to destroy it. This polycephalic monster can only be defeated by using it’s own strength against it. Carson illustrates his prolific understanding of this concept in his plan that was just released today.

To read Carson’s full plan on declaring war on ISIS, click here.


© Olivia Reid, 2016

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