Dear Iowans, Your Caucus was Stolen

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Olivia
Dear Fellow American in Iowa,

Your vote was stolen last night. How do I know this? Because I had the opportunity to speak to you in Urbandale, IA last night at the Gospel Assembly Church.

How? Good question.

Remember how we had to speak in alphabetical order according to the candidates we were representing?

Carson went first, if there was no Bush representative, and in our case, there wasn’t. So, the Carson representative went first. We strictly had three minutes. No more.

Then all over the state Cruz supporters stepped up around the same time to deliver the false news Carson was dropping our of the race after Iowa, attempting to waiver your trust in in Dr. Carson.

But we have spent countless hours writing you letters, making those phone calls that many would hang up on, but once we got to talk to some of you, we had some very meaningful engagements on shared concerns for the future of this nation.

We spent even more hours shoving metal posts into frozen ground for Carson yard signs and going door to door to drop off reading materials for you to read Carson’s own words for yourself. We worked the fields in Iowa tirelessly for “We the People” to finally get a vote in.20160201_185627

Some of us drove hours and hours, leaving our families and homes, to speak to our fellow Americans about the grave dangers we, as a nation are facing. Please use common sense. To think that we would make all that sacrifice for our candidate to drop out . . . is just plain silly.

Americans don’t go out into the freezing cold in the middle of the night to deliver hand written letters, asking you to please ignore the media and vote for Carson.
People don’t go out in snow and ice and get into car accidents when our candidate is going to shut down his campaign after this.

People don’t brave hazardous road conditions and have family miss work just so that someone could make the trip to tell you, our fellow Americans, that our future is in grave danger and democracy could be lost as we know it.

I had to leave after my speech because of the snow storm that was rolling in that night. I had to make it back home so my husband could get back to work. He stayed home to watch our kids just so that I could make this trip.

This is the reality of Carson and his supporters. His campaign is made up of “We the people” and his government would be too if we would just elect him president.

In the FBI counterfeit center, when people are trained to spot fake money, trainees are never once given a fake 20, 50, or 100-dollar bill. They are only handed the real deal.
Folks, Carson is the real deal. Don’t take your eyes off of Carson or you may not be able to recognize the lies when they come.

Now is the time to turn off your TV and focus in on truth. Remember, the Bible even says, “even the elect would be deceived.” That is how great the deception will be if we don’t keep our eyes on the real thing.

cruz lie


Your fellow American, Olivia

©Olivia Reid, 2016




18 thoughts on “Dear Iowans, Your Caucus was Stolen

  1. WHY would ANYONE with half a brain think that Dr. Carson would abandon the folks who have worked so hard in Iowa on his behalf? And especially when a staffer lost his life striving for Dr. Carson’s cause!!!!!


  2. Thank you & your family for the sacrifice you made to travel hours to go & help in the campaign of a very good man. Even though we saw greed & corruption occur, God can turn it around for good. I hope we see apologies & humility come from those who lied & manipulated the caucus voters, but we may not. We still can trust God for his best for Ben Carson.

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    1. Thank you. This is truly a battle for a soon to be lost America. This election is truly a test of the American Values. We will answer this test before God. To whom much is given, much is required and America has been given much freedom to be held responsible for on a moral scale. I pray this nation chooses well.


  3. Drove hours and hours? Had to leave before the snow storm slowed your trip home? So you came in from out of state and voted for Carson. Your trip should take 15 minutes at the most. Unless you were cheating the system and voting in a caucus you had no business voting in


    1. I went to speak on behalf of Dr. Carson. You don’t have to be a resident to speak on behalf of a candidate. Many speakers came in from out of town as did reporters. So no, I didn’t vote. I can’t vote there. I never said I did vote there.


  4. Very well said and so true. I have faith that people will see through the lies and recognize the one and only person in this race who wants to heal the nation for the people, not for some personal ego trip.


  5. I believe we Carson supporters were cheated out of maybe not first place but a good chance of winning second or third place. No way to know now? The sad part of this crime is we lost one of our young campaigners in our efforts of gaining voters in Iowa. It’s easy to apologize and think this all is forgotten. No big deal. No penalty or repercussions over this crime. But for all the people who worked so hard including this young man who lost his life this is a huge injustice. Just more dirty politics slid under the rug.

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    1. There are actually a few people on Twitter responsible for the rumor as well. But it was Cruz’s camp that decided to use that information without verifying first. They could have easily checked with Carson’s campaign to verify. In fact, good leader verify before disseminating information so broadly. If Cruz won’t take responsibility for his campaign, how can we trust that he will be responsible for his administration?


    2. To excuse Iowa from Ted is to excuse Benghazi from Hillary. They are both doing first and apologizing later with no restitution from either. It’s the same twisted moral compass no matter how the media tries to find the actual culprit. But to have known how hard Ben had to work on his own in Iowa before all of this, is to understand the depth of this deceptive intent. Remember the media COMPLETELY ignored Carson before Iowa, meaning that any traction that he gained was by all of us, making phone calls, writing letters, going door to door and so on and so forth. The fact that Dr. Carson came in 4th with no media support even AFTER the false information was disseminated just shows us how much support he actually does have and WOULD have had without this damaging rumor. But, if Americans do not demand consequences and accountability for these actions, America is asking for business as usual in DC when these next elections come. If it’s OK for Donald Trump to fly home every single night to sleep in his own bed, it’s certainly more than fine for Dr. Carson to take one day off after 18 days straight to go home for a day or two before hitting the road hard again.


  6. Ted Cruz, who USED TO BE my 2nd preferred candidate after Ben Carson, should do two things before the NH debate to regain his integrity: 1) Fire Steven King for gross misjudgment and dishonesty (for both the voter violation mailers and the caucus lies!), and 2) Cede one of his 8 ill-gotten delegates to the Carson campaign as rightful restitution for what he STOLE!

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  7. It would have been good to include, Braden Joplin gave his life for what he believed in and what Dr. Carson represented for We the People. Thanks for taking the time to draft a great letter.


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