It Was a Strange Thing…

This was a tough week. Super Tuesday was sad and Dr. Carson’s speech and decision is even sadder. It’s taken a while to come to grips with what happened but there was something that happened Tuesday afternoon that is a story worth telling.

First, let me start off by saying that I have been very busy since January, helping Dr. Carson through phone calls, book drops, traveling, public speaking and putting up signs around towns for primary voters. My children have been oh-so patient the last several months while mommy stayed busy with this campaign stuff. They even helped put books in baggies and helped hand out books! They were gems!

So, to reward their tireless efforts, I decided that Super Tuesday, we were going to make a play date with a friend that lived out in the country. I was going to put up my last ten signs during the 45 minute drive to their house and be done!

We started driving and unloading signs as we went. My children were asking questions about the whole process and we honestly had a grand ol’ time! Coming up on the final 15 miles of our journey out to the country, we were on a highway. Not an interstate, just a highway with four lanes, a large grassy median and miles between turn-around opportunities.

There was an intersection that clearly stuck out to me and I felt like the Lord said to put a Dr. Carson sign up right there. I thought, “God, really?” I said in my heart. “I am late to my friend’s house, her husband is on stand-by at work in case I need directions and it’s already taken an hour for what should have only been a 45 minute drive.”

But, the feeling would not go away. I finally said, “OK God, I will turn around.” Well, by the time I found another turn around it was already miles ahead and I would’ve had to backtrack several more miles.

Again, I was late, my friend already called once to see if I was OK. Turning around was NOT convenient. So, I made an executive decision to keep going. 

Besides what impact would one sign have, half-way into Super Tuesday out in the middle of no where?

I finished my drive, put up my last three signs in much more convenient locations and we arrived to our destination.

The day was lovely and the time spent was water to my tired soul from all the politics.

As the time drew for me to leave, I felt like I needed to unload my most burdensome problem to her. I almost left without praying because I realized that it was already past time for me get my husband. But something urged me to stay.

We talked and it was what I needed and she prayed for me. Even more of what I needed.

I finally left, putting me almost an hour late to get my husband.

On my way back, traffic piled up on this country highway. Why would there be traffic heading INTO town at 5 pm?

And then I realized I passed the intersection where God told me to put up the sign. The car accident was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Trucks were upside-down in the median, beds were missing from trucks and a car flew over to the other side of the four lane highway, bent a tree and landed about 200 feet up on a hill.




My jaw dropped.

My first thought was, “Could a sign have prevented that wreck?”

I have no idea. I later found out that there was a drunk driver involved.  But what really stuck out to me was the absence of Carson and what could happen when we don’t have him as president.

Also, had I not stayed and prayed and finished telling my friend about my sadness about this campaign process, I could have been right there in the accident.

In fact, my friend called me later that night to make sure I was alright. She told me that right after I left, that she prayed specifically for my protection on the drive home.

It was too strange of an occurrence. So far, no one was killed in that accident, shockingly enough but people are in critical care at this time because of it.

It’s a possibility that the presence of a Dr. Carson presidential sign may have prevented the disaster and that the absence of the sign may have caused it.

Remember, the news of Carson not “seeing a political path forward” had not come out yet. The results were not in from Super Tuesday yet.

Could it be a prophetic sign? I don’t know . . . but I do know that God told me to put a sign up at that exact intersection where the accident was. I do know that I disobeyed. I do know that Carson’s presence was not there at that intersection where it may have desperately needed to be.

But the most important thing in all of this is to NOT allow any bitterness to take root in our hearts. We will not and cannot be effective if we are angry and scared. Jesus is still our only salvation, even if there will be a big accident. We listen to God in the smallest things, talk to Him about what clothes we should wear that day or what rout to take, give everything to Him, better than how I did it that Super Tuesday with that sign. So that when the big things come, we are ready and are accustomed to His small, still voice.


©Olivia Reid, 2016

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6 thoughts on “It Was a Strange Thing…

  1. Thank you, Sister Olivia, for sharing this. It is food for thought… and I do sense a serious crash in our near future. It is for this reason that I absolutely refuse to stop campaigning – even though the doctor has paused. We are in miracle territory and I’m a believer. It’s time for fresh, new strategies. I intend to start a podcast soon. Visit and follow the feed, if you’re interested.

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  2. Out of everything, however,…wondering “what if?” about the sign, isn’t it comforting to know that the Almighty Creator of the Universe speaks directly and personally to you (us)? I would love to learn to write so eloquently as you, Olivia; thank you for sharing with the pictures. I will remember this story the next time I hear that still small voice:-)

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