Against All Odds, Now What?

America dodged her last nail in the coffin this week, to put it lightly and I am so grateful to the King of the Universe for sparing us from the even darker gloom that would have come through a Clinton/Kaine administration. I mean, Cain kills Able . . . it would have been curtains for the Ables of the world. But God spared us and so much more of the rest of the world on November 8th!

It’s been eight years since I felt this kind of hope and levity in my spirit. I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had a future to plan for or something to look forward to without having to prepare for an early martyrdom. Seriously, this is where I’ve lived for eight years, almost nine.

I think that is how most believers felt for the last few years and now, I just want to rejoice with worship to our benevolent King, the God of Israel for giving us a few more years of life, expectancy and maybe even a bit of prosperity. I came across this article today on all the Hollywood names that were stunned at Trump’s win! This got my wheels turning on how hard we had to work to bypass all forms of media in our culture just to be able to think to have relationships again.It was like we were living in the days of “Wall-e”, where we were truly just enjoying our private screens and private rooms and private everything, but were too afraid to talk to others because we might offend someone or might meet a foe rather than a friend.

We have survived walking on eggshells for almost a decade, being bullied and told to shut up, sit down and to “change” our beliefs.

But now, we are free!

Free to love. Free to build community. Free to reach out and show someone the Love of Jesus that Dr. Carson and many others showed us during this dark years of “calling good evil, and evil, good.”

I don’t ever want to go back to that.

I want to live with a future. I want to parent my kids with hope, instead of fear and dread of judgment and societal hate!

Then I got to thinking about how much media influences us, whether we realize it or not! It reminded me of the time I fasted all things Hollywood when I was 21. I went thirty days without any secular music, movies or magazines and it changed my life! That was the first time the power of God burst through like never before. It was also the first time God had brought me a group a friends. Ever since then, I have seen maybe 10 movies in the theaters over the last 15 years. And that number is only that high because I felt pressured by others to go, like dates and what-not! I didn’t want to say no, because I wanted to be with others and it seemed like that was all others did! But I always remembered that time when I gave up all things media and wished for friends like I had then. But now we have a chance at that again! We have the chance for peace and hope like right after we got saved personally, kind of like the peace and hope I have today after these elections!

Literally, God just saved a nation! This. is. Yuge.

I am bursting with joy! Where is my shofar?

Okay, after having shared a bit of my history with you about God and Hollywood, all I can say is that I feel indebted to my Creator once again, for turning away the darkness and doom that was encroaching upon us and giving us hope once again, to live a life worth saving. As a citizen statesman, I beg all of you to do the same. Let’s not repay bitterness with bitterness, but show kindness and love toward others like Jesus/Yeshua showed us the first time His power broke through in our lives!

We have a new beginning, one that was very costly to so many people. I can’t even imagine the pressure and anxiety Trump and Carson and others felt when going on stage knowing that people wanted to kill you. I can’t imagine the fear I would be in, receiving death threats from terrorist groups and special interest groups. I can’t even imagine the pressure they were living under, them and their families. Now, I just want to do my part and invest in those things that are truly good. I don’t want to live in that parallel universe where good is evil and evil is good… I want to live where good is truly GOOD and it’s okay to call it “good.”

So, can I ask you all to join me in just not having anything to do with Hollywood or cable TV any longer? Let’s not make our lives about entertainment once more, but relish in the fact that the walls of Jericho came crashing down on November 8th! Let’s focus on building our legacy with our families, our children, with out friends and even building bridges to make new friends. Can we be a relationship, community based culture rather than an individualized, isolated culture of feeding an entertainment beast? 

I just don’t want to go back. The future looks too bright! I want to give it the best we have to give as a nation!

I write these words to myself, as I have my own struggles with self-discipline and staying away from being gluttonous in my own desires. Seriously, if I had it my way, my friends and family would tell you that I would be at thrift stores at least twice a week, rummaging through old goodies, finding hidden gems! (They say I have a knack for this and I think I do!) But alas, it’s not my will but “thy will.” My King doesn’t want me to spend a day or two each week sifting through an endless possibility of treasures. He showed me that He wanted me to be better than that.

He wants me to be a better wife.

A better mom.

A better daughter.

A better friend.

A better neighbor.

A better role model.

A better prayer warrior.

And most of all, a better bond-servant of the Most High.But I can’t fulfill the last one and the most important one without doing all the others first. The way I love my husband is the way I treat my Husband in heaven. They way I mother my children will impact how my children will relate to God and His word. I have huge shoes to fill in my role as a wife and mother on this earth, so when I took the vow that I would “take up my cross and follow Him daily,” I realized that my cross isn’t just about being willing to die for my faith, but that I have to die to my fleshly desires, no matter how honorable or humble they may seem.

So, I ask that we encourage one another to die to our flesh and make God our King of every day! And we can’t do that without being in community and loving others! So, let’s invite others to be a part of a community. Let’s have Bible studies, game nights or even sewing parties, so that we don’t feel so isolated to just pick up a remote or our laptops and binge watch a TV series. Let’s take time to build our relationships with our friends. Let’s be there for each other in the little projects and the big projects! Let’s start building things, building lives, building bridges to others and loving each other, because only in this do we fulfill the Law and the Prophets.

Let’s change our culture and make it about people and family as we worship God through our love of one another!

May God Bless Israel and the United States and may we strive to live a life worthy of blessing, protection and prosperity!

The God of Israel LIVES!


If you would like to learn more about how to build community, you can use my book “Faith to Move the Mountain of the Heart”


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5 thoughts on “Against All Odds, Now What?

  1. Thank You! This was amazing and perfect to read today:-) I love it!!! Thank you for the encouragement!! I am so thankful for God’s mercy on our nation, he came through and I am so happy!!!! I can’t stop smiling. God bless you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am always amazed at the angle you put on things. Thank you for re-emerging and sharing your thoughts with us.

    I also am in hope that America will stop hiding at home and saying evil things about one another and emerge to see our brother and sister Americans and find a way to build instead of fighting over everything and bringing destruction, hate, and waste.

    I am looking forward to seeing your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this Dearie! Yes to quilting evenings. Yes to game nights. Yes to family plays. Yes to….

    I too, feel so free. Yes, let our words be good, if they are good. Let them be what they are. Yes, yes. No, no. No more of this politically correct speak, please!


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