Time For an Intervention?

“Bust of a Woman and Self-portrait” Pablo Picasso

Oh, the gumption and courage it takes to admit when we were wrong. The shame, the embarrassment, the “how could I have missed that” feeling. None of it’s pleasant, but it’s so necessary for growth and transformation.

I have to admit, this election cycle has been a page-turner, not just for the newspapers, but one for the books that will be published over the next few years! And we are just getting started on this journey with a Trump administration.

As you know, I was (and still am) an unapologetic and completely loyal Carson supporter, so his Super Tuesday drop out last March felt like a crack in the earth. Then, less than 72 hours later, Carson endorsed Trump–another seismic event.

For many of us, it was a bitter pill to swallow, but we knew that our Carson support was filled with trust! We just somehow instinctively knew we could trust him, even blindly in the light of a Trump endorsement. The only thing really standing in our way was our ego.

As the weeks and months went on, many of us had to come to grips with the idea of being comfortable for voting for Trump. It was a journey. But most of us got there! (My husband finally made the decision on the eve of the election).

So here we sit, two weeks into a Trump Administration and the reactions from the Left have been, well, nothing short of a spectacular display of fear, rage and unrelenting defiance for a single man that has so far kept all his promises.

Now, I have had my moments of pure passion and protest in times past, not against Trump, but other political agendas in the past, so whether this will reach a seething protestor in a moment of calm and rational thinking is a toss up. But, it’s been two weeks of arson, bullying, hatred spewing out of every orifice of communication that it begs the question, “Has anyone ever considered that they just might be freaking out over nothing?”

Hear me out.

What if, in four years, no, let’s say two years, gas prices are less than $1.50, healthcare is actually affordable, taxes are cut way back, America starts making real money on it’s exports and our economy explodes to the point that silver and gold are rendered almost worthless. Let’s face it, Gold’s prices are significantly impacted by market stability and fear, right?

What if housing and energy are affordable again, labor begins to measurably improve and say, government programs such as WIC, MEDICAID and MEDICARE start running in the black instead of the red? (There are state budgets in which this has happened and they are red-leaning).

Can we even imagine this sort of greatness?

If Mark Taylor’s prophecy is to be believed (which I do think it is), then what would the platform of the Left be? How will they relate to a booming economy?

There will be jobs, the poor will be taken care of, immigrants can come here legally just like any other country in the world functions and we could actually pass on a unified society of peace and wealth to our children, all while having secure borders and being keenly aware of our true enemies abroad. (And if you don’t agree with borders then please tell me you don’t live within four walls of anything. No tents, apartments, houses, no walls anywhere.) I mean the absurdity of creating an obstacle between you, your children and thieves, kidnappers, wild animals, and any other sort of invasion is clearly a heartless act of racist fascism.

The arrogance in thinking you would want to protect your loved ones, furniture, clothing, pets, let alone, children, spouse….

Get my point?

Anyways, this was an historic election and Democrats are running this risk of being the party that will be forever remembered as incessant tantrum throwers, ones who urge defiance of any authority, including their own one day.

So far, the party’s only message is, “we’re so mad, we’re just going to act out mindless fits of rage.”

Basically, not only owning, but proving Dollard and Miller’s theory of frustration-aggression hypothesis.

The problem with this behavior is that it’s clearly dysfunctional and in need of a serious intervention.

I mean, is this how liberals act in their homes when they don’t get what they want for dinner?

I’ve worked several years as a waitress, the rage is real…

So, let’s take a look at what the behavior analyst, Dixie Eastridge says in her slides, “Anger Management and Coping Skills”.

Anger also doesn’t tend to exist by itself, especially when it is chronic or excessive. Frequently people who have explosive tempers and/or who cope with anger by lashing out physically will also have a number of other symptoms, such as anxiety, unstable moods, a tendency toward impulsive behavior including problems with drugs or alcohol and an odd contradictory feeling toward those close to them, characterized by a deep fear of being abandoned mixed with discomfort whenever they get too emotionally close to others.*

In fact, the goal of all anger management treatments are not to suppress anger, but to help one find healthy constructive ways of coping with this anger.

Anger management is about becoming aware of your underlying feelings/needs and developing healthier ways to manage the emotional upset. The goal is to express anger in constructive ways.**

Instead of assuming the worst, try using some constructive coping skills that build both you and your children a better tomorrow without destroying people and places because you will get more respect in the end. The fact is that in the real world, people don’t respect others that can’t handle opposing perspectives.

Sometimes, the more you know, the less you actually do know. Any quantum physicist or scientist will tell you that!

Karma, the domino effect, whatever you want to call it…. The saying is true…. what goes around does come back around and when it does, make sure you are not on the receiving end of some viscous cycle of hate and torment. So let’s do John Lennon a favor and “Give Peace a Chance.”

For more information on how to get therapeutic help on dealing with anger, you can google anger management sites that offer certified help.

Also, godser.us has been a very successful ministry in helping people deal with anger. Because in reality, it’s not an issue, it’s a spirit!


©Olivia Reid, 2017

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*”Anger Management and Coping Skills,” https://biacolorado.org/biac/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Anger-Management-BIAC-2013.pdf Pg. 3.

**https://biacolorado.org/biac/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Anger-Management-BIAC-2013.pdf. Pg 6.

Photo credit: Pablo Picasso, “Bust of a Woman and Self-Portrait”


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