Wake Up, Strengthen What is About to Die

The message of Reid Publishing has a heart–and the heart of it is a three-fold mission. This isn’t about me or you or elevating a certain man over another. The heart and vision for “Faith to Move the Mountain of the Heart” is about publishing the desires of God’s heart.

Faith to Move the Mountain of the Heart means that sometimes the biggest mountain in our life to move is the condition of our heart in both our relationship to others and in relation to God, our Commanding Officer.

He is.

There are hardly enough words to finish that sentence except that He is, or as He put it in His name, “I AM THAT I AM.”

And that is who we want to search after. And that takes a lot of humility on our part because our God who sits in the heavens and whose footstool is the earth is the very essence of humility. Even Jesus/Yeshua said, “I am gentle and humble in heart.” (Matt. 11:29)

Three Pillars of Reid Publishing:

  • Humility
  • Camaraderie
  • Building Bridges

Which is what brings us to the three pillars of Reid Publishing


There is nothing more intimidating that a humble warrior that walks out of a room unnoticed and comes back as a thief in the night. One, no one noticed He left, which so often can happen when we humans get so busy like little ants building this or that and don’t take the time to pause.

We all heard that phrase, “Elvis has left the building.” Well, we need to be awake enough to notice if the our Father isn’t in our day to day actions, if He isn’t not just a mere part of, but really intertwined in what we are doing. Remember, just because it’s supernatural doesn’t mean it came from the Father. There are other forces at work that are supernatural and we need to be awake for that.


This is such an important aspect because it means we are more concerned with lifting each other up, rather than tearing each other up. We have an enemy to do the latter, we don’t need to partake in the goal of his kingdom.

This means we consider others as more valuable than ourselves (Phil. 2:3), that we stop to pray for one another and take on that attitude that we once had when were younger and really have each other’s backs! We don’t bad mouth or criticize about someone else, but if we truly have an issue we take it straight to them, first.

This also means we first honor our Mother and our Father, (it’s the first commandment with a promise) and we honor our spouses. We have a passion for helping  to build camaraderie in marriage. It’s what saved ours from disaster!

Building Bridges: The Two Fold Task

This is really the culmination and the result of doing the first two successfully.

Obviously, the most valuable bridges built are those that lead deep into enemy territory. What that means for us is being able to build constructive and functional relationships with those that would seem to be the most deeply entrenched in liberal ideals. Winning a heated argument with someone with opposing views or beating someone up physically or verbally means nothing. It only drives the wedge of division deeper into the America we are living in today.

What brings value, and eternal value at that is helping to set someone free of deeply ingrained bitterness and anger that has turned inward. Liberals are furious at conservatives. They see us as the root of all evil in the world and the real challenge is setting them free from the exhausting anger and miserable depression that kind of life of fury offers.

And this requires getting rid of any haughty looks that would creep up on us when we see homosexual PDA in public or a transsexual blatantly being who they believe they are.

How do we build bridges with them? How can we love them? And through doing so, lead them to the Gospel of repentance and change?

The second half of this task is building bridges to the highways. We need access to the interstates. These are the bridges will carry the message far and wide. 

But these bridges are only built together, through camaraderie and humility.

So, take some time and share this message, sign up to stay in touch and remember to make time for our Heavenly Father today.

Build the bridges and build a tomorrow full of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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