About the Person That Writes This Stuff …


I’m Olivia.

Do you want my resume or my heart?

I will give you my resume first.

I have an MA in counseling and have worked with children and their families in residential, institutional and judicial settings. I went to 16 different schools before 12th grade on two different continents. I went to four schools in three states in 6th grade alone! I have been to Europe. I am first generation European and second generation Indian. I speak two and half languages, started my own publishing company and am a public speaker.

Ready for my heart?

Here goes …

I love. really. I do.

I love so many things and people, but honestly, without sounding hokey … I love the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and its by God’s grace that I am where I am. It’s been a long arduous journey that ain’t over yet. We have taken great risks, endured much loss, have known the depths of warfare and housing the enemy within our gates. God brought us five homeless people to take into our little home in the course of a year and a half. It was an interesting year, filled with soul-shaping experiences that we will never forget. But it all happened so that God could could latch Himself to our hearts in way that we had never let Him before.

And that is what I am all about. Truth. Showing people the concrete realities that lie within the Bible. My heart wants to lead people to a God that truly exists and that we can relate to.

As a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a writer, a dreamer, a thinker and a learner, I write poetry to soothe my soul, I write teachings to make sense of my biggest questions that God graciously shows me answers to and I wrote a book, Faith to Move the Mountain of the Heart, that gave us answers when there seemed to be none.
I struggle with living in the Western American culture, though I would be considered American by others, but not by all. I was raised first generation European (Portuguese) and seem to understand and fit in with that outlook and mentality for many reasons. I lived in Brazil during some of my formative years and, that too has dramatically impacted who I am.

I guess you could say I encapsulate the words, “melting pot” to their fullest meaning. For some reason, my life has always been and seems to continue to be exposed to a conglomeration of several cultures, nationalities and lifestyles. And not just lightly exposed, but by being thrown into the depths of these various circumstances.

But make no mistake about it, I am passionate about this country, but even more so about the plans and purpose God has for it. This country, like all others, has a purpose to fulfill and a direction that can be shifted by our humility toward God.

So, it is from much of those life experiences that I write. I think. I process. And I love. I see people, humans for exactly what they are… human beings in the process of becoming.

And I am human. I make mistakes. I make no claims to be better than anyone, to know more than anyone and certainly not to have all the answers. But I do know one thing; there is a God who is faithful if we give Him the chance to be. We just have to be open enough to understanding His heart.

Now you have both. I hope you enjoy. I hope to engage in meaningful exchanges… but most of all, I hope this makes you love others and want the real Messiah of the Bible all the more.


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